Bird Watching Gifts: Top 10 Ideas for Enthusiasts in 2023

Bird watching is a popular pastime that can bring a sense of peace and wonder to those who engage in it. It offers an opportunity to connect with nature while observing the fascinating behaviors of avian species. Bird watching gifts are perfect for those who appreciate the wonder of birds and want to equip themselves or their loved ones with the tools and accessories to enhance this experience.

When choosing bird watching gifts, it’s essential to consider the recipient’s needs and preferences. For instance, if they spend a lot of time outdoors, waterproof binoculars or clothing can be a valuable addition to their gear. The level of experience should also be taken into account; a beginner might benefit more from an easy-to-use field guide and basic binoculars, while an experienced birdwatcher might appreciate a high-quality spotting scope.

Our aim is to introduce you to a selection of thoughtful bird watching gifts that cater to a range of preferences and skill levels. In the following sections, we explore our top picks for bird watching enthusiasts, ensuring you find the ideal gift for your loved one or even yourself.

Top Bird Watching Gifts

We have curated a list of the best bird watching gifts for enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Discover our top picks below to find the perfect present for the birdwatcher in your life.

BIRDSNAP Smart Bird Feeder with Camera

BIRDSNAP Smart Bird Feeder

Capture splendid bird-watching moments with this intelligent BIRDSNAP Smart Bird Feeder.


  • Real-time automatic sensing and notification
  • Durable design with solar panel
  • Two-way audio and easy installation


  • Instructions might be confusing for some
  • May take time for birds to start using the feeder
  • Paid subscription required for enhanced cloud storage

The BIRDSNAP Smart Bird Feeder is an excellent addition to any bird lover’s outdoor space. It features a 1080p HD camera with 160° ultra-wide angle, real-time automatic sensing, and video capturing capabilities. This feeder can identify over 10,000 types of bird species and allows bird enthusiasts to view live video feed through an app.

One of the standout aspects of this bird feeder is its highly durable design. It comes with an upgraded solar panel that can save 50% of charging time, and the 1.8L large capacity container ensures that there is enough bird food. The waterproof design ensures resistance to the sun, wind, and heavy rain, ensuring it lasts through any weather condition.

The built-in microphone and speaker in this bird feeder enable real-time two-way audio, allowing users to hear bird sounds or chase off any unwanted critters. Additionally, the installation process is straightforward as it offers tree straps and screws for both drilling and no-drilling options.

While the BIRDSNAP Smart Bird Feeder offers many benefits, it’s important to note that the instructions may be confusing to some users, and birds may take a while to start using the feeder. Also, for additional cloud storage of videos and snapshots, a paid subscription is required.

Occer 12×25 Compact Binoculars

Occer 12x25 Compact Binoculars

These Occer binoculars are a great choice for bird watching enthusiasts seeking high magnification and portability at a reasonable price.


  • 12x magnification and 25mm objective lens
  • Adjustable eye cups for eyeglass wearers
  • FMC broadband coating technology


  • Made in China
  • May not fit users with larger pupil spacing
  • Not for completely dark environments

The Occer 12×25 Compact Binoculars offer a high-powered magnification level and a large eyepiece that provides a wide field of view, ideal for bird watching. These binoculars are equipped with FMC Broadband coating and premium BAK4 prism, ensuring vivid and true-to-life images.

One notable feature is the adjustable eye cups, which can accommodate users with or without glasses. The long eye relief, combined with large eyepieces, provides a comfortable viewing experience for everyone. These compact binoculars are portable and lightweight, making them convenient to carry during outdoor activities, such as traveling, wildlife watching, or attending sports events.

The Occer binoculars boast FMC broadband coating technology, resulting in high-quality images. However, these binoculars are made in China, which might deter some buyers. Moreover, users with a wider pupil spacing may find the fit a bit uncomfortable, and it’s essential to note that these binoculars are not suitable for completely dark environments.

Overall, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly, portable, and high-powered binocular for bird watching and other outdoor activities, the Occer 12×25 Compact Binoculars are worth considering.

DesGully Window Bird Feeder

DesGully Window Bird Feeder

A reliable and easy-to-use window bird feeder that allows close observation of wild birds.


  • Durable metal structure
  • Easy to add and clean food tray
  • Attractive to a variety of wild birds


  • Not made of acrylic, limiting transparency
  • Potentially intimidating to some bird species
  • May require frequent cleaning

The DesGully Window Bird Feeder provides an enjoyable bird-watching experience for all enthusiasts, making it the perfect gift. Its metal structure ensures durability and longevity, outperforming traditional acrylic bird feeders. Moreover, the removable food tray design facilitates refilling and cleaning, granting users a low-maintenance experience.

What sets the DesGully Window Bird Feeder apart is its appeal to a variety of wild birds. The natural color and design encourage birds to approach fearlessly, allowing onlookers an opportunity to witness their beauty up close. This makes it an excellent gift option, especially for those who appreciate the outdoors and close encounters with nature.

However, the window feeder’s metal construction, while durable, lacks transparency compared to its acrylic counterparts. This limitation may affect the overall viewing experience and could deter certain bird species upon noticing the feeder. Furthermore, the bird feeder might require regular cleaning to maintain its attractiveness and keep the feeding tray mold-free.

Overall, the DesGully Window Bird Feeder stands out as a thoughtful and functional gift for bird watching enthusiasts, boasting a durable design and a bird-friendly appeal. With its accessible food tray and easy installation, this feeder is both practical and enjoyable for users and their newfound feathered friends.

Bird Watching Notebook: Vintage Logbook Journal

Bird Watching Notebook

This Bird Watching Notebook is an excellent choice for those looking to log their birdwatching experiences and observations.


  • Ample space for details, pictures, and drawings
  • Attractive vintage design
  • Suitable for both adults and kids


  • Limited to 99 bird entries
  • No index or table of contents
  • Paperback may wear out with regular use

This Bird Watching Notebook is specifically designed for bird lovers, offering them a way to keep track of their birdwatching experiences. With two pages dedicated to each bird specimen, there is plenty of space to add all relevant notes, images, and drawings. The attractive vintage design of the notebook makes it an appealing and thoughtful gift for any birdwatching enthusiast.

Although the notebook offers ample space for detailed entries, it is limited to only 99 bird entries, which might not be suitable for those with a long track record of birdwatching. Additionally, there is no index or table of contents, so finding specific entries might be a bit difficult when the notebook is filled up. Nevertheless, this notebook is still a great option to organize and cherish one’s birding memories.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the notebook is printed on a paperback format. While this keeps it lightweight and easy to carry around, regular usage and exposure to the elements might wear it out over time. Therefore, investing in a protective cover or being gentle while handling it might be a good idea.

In conclusion, the Bird Watching Notebook is a useful and aesthetically pleasing tool for documenting birdwatching experiences. Despite its minor drawbacks, it remains a suitable and thoughtful gift for bird lovers, both young and old.

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Birds on a Wire Heat Changing Mug

Birds on a Wire Heat Changing Mug

This heat-changing mug adds a touch of magic to your morning coffee, making it a delightful gift for birdwatching enthusiasts.


  • Heat activation reveals 18 colorful bird species
  • Comfortable 12 oz. ceramic design with a handle
  • Beautiful packaging for gifting


  • Not dishwasher safe, requiring hand wash only
  • Birds may appear small and hard to see
  • Cannot be soaked, limiting cleaning options

The Birds on a Wire Heat Changing Mug by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild is an enchanting addition to any bird lover’s morning routine. When cold, the mug displays elegant silhouettes of birds perched on a wire. However, when filled with a hot beverage, 18 different bird species burst into vivid colors. This feature adds an element of surprise and delight every time you pour a hot drink.

In addition to its captivating design, this 12 oz. ceramic mug is crafted with a comfortable handle, ensuring a cozy and enjoyable grip during use. The mug also comes in an exquisitely designed, vibrant box, making it a perfect gift option for the birdwatching enthusiasts in your life.

While the heat-changing element brings joy to each use, it also requires some attention in terms of care. The mug is not dishwasher safe and must be hand washed only. Moreover, the mug should not be soaked, which can limit cleaning alternatives. Lastly, the colorful birds might appear small and hard to see for some users, taking away from the visual magic of this unique gift.

In conclusion, the Birds on a Wire Heat Changing Mug is a charming and engaging bird-watching gift with its heat-activated color-changing design. However, potential buyers should be aware of the specific care instructions and small bird images before purchasing.

Sibley Backyard Birding Flashcards, Revised and Updated

Sibley Backyard Birding Flashcards

These flashcards are a fantastic resource for bird enthusiasts looking to learn more about common bird species in North America.


  • Excellent quality and well-designed cards
  • Covers a range of common bird species
  • Great for learning and memorizing facts


  • Potential for paper cuts while handling
  • Limited to 100 species
  • May not be suitable for advanced birders

Sibley Backyard Birding Flashcards, Revised and Updated, is a set that features 100 common bird species found in Eastern and Western North America. These flashcards are not only visually appealing, but they also provide valuable information on each species. The high-quality print and design make these cards a pleasure to use, and they are perfect for beginners who are looking to improve their bird identification skills and knowledge.

One minor drawback is the possibility of getting a paper cut while handling the cards, as some users have reported. It’s important to be cautious while flipping through them to avoid any injuries. Another potential downside is that the flashcards cater to a more general audience and cover only 100 common bird species. For advanced birders looking for more in-depth information on rare or less popular species, this might not be the ideal set.

That being said, Sibley Backyard Birding Flashcards still makes for an engaging learning tool and a wonderful gift for bird lovers. The cards are an excellent starting point for people getting into bird watching and can also serve as a quick refresher for those wanting to brush up on their knowledge. The straightforward presentation and informative content make these flashcards a valuable addition to any birder’s collection.

Ermete Window Bird Feeder

Ermete Window Bird Feeder

The Ermete Window Bird Feeder is a great option for birdwatchers who want a durable and unique design to attract feathered friends.


  • Made of durable metal material
  • Unique dome design
  • Securely fixed on the window with adhesive papers


  • Limited color options
  • Installation requires careful planning
  • May not perform well in extreme heat

The Ermete Window Bird Feeder offers a beautiful dome design that sets it apart from other window feeders. The metal construction ensures durability against unintentional falls and has a rust-proof coating for added protection against the elements.

One of the key features of the Ermete Window Bird Feeder is the use of adhesive papers rather than suction cups to keep the feeder secure on the window. This helps prevent unexpected falls, ensuring that you can enjoy watching your feathered friends without any concerns. Furthermore, the feeder is designed to accommodate various species of North American backyard birds, providing a wide field of vision and ample space for comfortable bird watching.

However, despite its unique design and durability, the Ermete Window Bird Feeder has its limitations. It is available in limited color options and requires careful planning for the installation to ensure that the adhesive papers stick properly. Additionally, some consumers report that the metal structure may not perform optimally during extreme heat. Nonetheless, as a gift for birdwatching enthusiasts, this feeder is an excellent choice with its sturdy construction and attractive appearance.

Outdoor Store Audubon Bird Call

Audubon Bird Call

The Outdoor Store’s Audubon Bird Call is an ideal gift for bird enthusiasts, providing an engaging way to attract songbirds without the need for specific calls.


  • Classic birdwatcher’s tool with 60 years of history
  • Simple twist mechanism
  • Attracts a variety of wild birds


  • Generic birdsong, not species-specific
  • Requires periodic maintenance with included rosin
  • Limited to outdoor use

The Audubon Bird Call by Outdoor Store, invented over 60 years ago by Roger Eddy, has become a staple in the birdwatching community. Handmade in Rhode Island from birch wood and cast zinc, its elegant design and functionality make it the perfect gift for bird enthusiasts.

One of the major appeals of this bird call is its simplicity. With just a twist of the wooden cylinder against the zinc plug, it produces a variety of sounds similar to a songbird’s tweeting. The generic birdsong generated by the Audubon Bird Call may not cater to specific bird species, but its versatility ensures that most birds will recognize and engage with it.

Bear in mind that this tool does require some maintenance to maintain its functionality. The package includes a capsule of rosin that needs to be re-applied periodically to renew the bird call’s voice. Nevertheless, with proper care, the Audubon Bird Call is designed to last a lifetime.

In conclusion, the Outdoor Store’s Audubon Bird Call is a thoughtful gift for anyone who enjoys birdwatching or wildlife photography. Despite its generic song and need for occasional maintenance, its simplicity, versatility, and timeless design make it a great addition to any birdwatcher’s toolkit.

Zopeal 4 Pieces Hummingbird Wrist Feeder

Zopeal 4 Pieces Hummingbird Wrist Feeder

This Zopeal Hummingbird Wrist Feeder set is ideal for bird enthusiasts seeking engaging and unique ways to interact with their favorite feathered friends.


  • Bright, attractive flower design
  • Suitable for wrists or fingers
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • Made of plastic material
  • Can be leaky
  • May require patience to attract hummingbirds

The Zopeal Hummingbird Wrist Feeder lets you enjoy the incredible experience of hand-feeding hummingbirds. This set includes four differently designed feeders in vibrant colors that are sure to attract and delight your hummingbird visitors.

The design features flower shapes that easily fit on your finger or wrist, making it comfortable for both you and the birds. Made of lightweight plastic, the feeders are simple to carry and use during your outdoor adventures.

However, some users have reported that the feeders can be leaky, so you might want to ensure it is properly secured when in use. Attracting hummingbirds to these feeders may also require some patience, as it might take some time for the birds to get comfortable with the new feeding setup. It is advised to have regular hanging feeders in the vicinity to attract a higher number of hummingbirds before introducing the handheld feeders.

Overall, the Zopeal 4 Pieces Hummingbird Wrist Feeder set is an enjoyable and distinctive gift option for bird enthusiasts to interact with nature and the beautiful hummingbirds up close. Just be aware of the possible leakage issue and have some patience while waiting for these charming birds to come to you.

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